The Peter Perkins

The Peter Perkins

It was PETER’s birthday and he was given lots of presents. He liked Grannie’s present best of all. It was a little boat with a tall white sail. On the side of the boat in shiny gold letters was the name-THE PETER PERKINS.

“That’s my name!” Peter cried excitedly to his mother, who was helping him unwrap his gifts.

“Why, so it is,” she said, looking very pleased. “What a lovely surprise.”

“Look, Daddyl” cried Peter when his father came home from work. “Look at my boat! It’s called THE PETER PERKINS. It’s called after me!”

Peter was delighted with his boat and sailed it in the bath that night. He puffed out his cheeks and blew on the tall white sail. Up and down the bath went the little boat.