Who is this guy

I am the owner of Mobile First Design, a website design company, based in Cambridge, Ontario. This is a new role for me as I have stepped off my 9 to 5 job to start, grow and prosper this company. This was not a new venture since we were early web adopters with our first wedsite in 1997 - Medicinal Food News

Facts about me

My first exposer to programming was back in the seventies at university when I took a Fortran course. This led to modifying programs at work on main frames and later programing programable calculators. I enjoyed this aspect of my work so much that I ended up purchasing a used AppleII+ for $1500 in 79. No disk drives were available for the Apple and software was only on cassette tapes. To add to my software collection, I became a founding member of the Ottawa 6502 User Group later to be named "the Ottawa Home Computing Club". I remained on the club's executive for a dozen years. After I left, my attention turned to the internet.

Again, it was the local university that provided free access to the internet in the mid nineties that introducted me to web coding. By 1997, I partner with a research scientist to form "Medicinal Food News".

I have been involved in a number of website over the years. One of ones I coded 20 years ago is still running with the original code! Many have come and gone. I have done work for non-profit organizations. One website not only provide accolade but gave me medals as well. The most prestigeous is for my work as webmaster of the NATO Veterans Organization of Canada, in which I received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal from the Governor General of Canada.

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