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Our Services

We make secure static sites.

These are webpages delivered to the user exactly as stored. A dynamic web page requires the server to generate the page through a web application such as Wordpress, Joomala or Drupal. A static website is less expensive, less resource dependant, secure and faster. It is perfect for a mobile first approach requiring only a few updates per month. If this type of site fits your needs, then please contact us for pricing. As a rule of thumb, we charge $35 per page. If you need more information about static site, read Why Static Website Generators Are The Next Big Thing ...from smashing magazine

We make websites with your help

You know your customers and what there needs are. We want to translate that information into a website that represents your company and your clients needs

To do this we need you to describe what kind of website you want, what types of pages you want (News, Contact, Services, etc.), desired functionality, and your business goals for the website. It’s also helpful to provide examples of websites you like.

Download our Client Questionnaire (Word.docx) to begin formulating your requirements document.

We make affortable websites

A website without great design features and a coherent structure that visitors can understand visually and navigate easily will get lost in the sea of websites out there.

Mobile First design offers affordable web designs that are clean, modern and user friendly. We provide bold and innovative solutions and we are here to help you accomplish your business, corporate or individual goals.

We have 19 years experience in the nuts and bolts of website maintenance, website design and search engine optimization.

This is our first year in business and to build a strong client base, we are offering for the first webpage FREE when 5 or mores pages are ordered.

Our websites work on all devices

As more and more your customers and potential customers use mobile phones, you should ensure that your website works as well on a smartphone as it does on a traditional PC, tablet or laptop. We can transform a traditional website into a version that will look and function beautifully on any smartphone or tablet.

Give us a try. You won’t regret you decision

Need a geneology website?

Blending the old with the new. The site is made to look like a book with hand lettered bookmarks between pages for navigation.

The 'search' bookmark presents you with all the names in your database. An input box allows you type a few letters to narrow your selection and choose a name.

The 'clan' bookmark provide you with a spreadsheet list of all those with the chosen name and include heading for birth, death, spouse, city, and first name

The next bookmark displays the family of interest as shown on the adjacent image. Refence info is displayed as page links that when clicked popup the reference document

As expected the photo tag provides a gallery of the chosen clan members.

Check out the demo.

website displayed on multiple devices

website displayed on multiple devices

Want to publish a story?

Whether it a short story, a collection of stories or a book, this website format provides an easy way to navigate the pages.

The text is coded in markdown which is an easy to use page markup language

There is no javascript or extra code to load making the site very fast

Check out the demo. A children's story wrtten by my sister-in-law and illustrated by my brother.