Alexander Patrick Legroulx

Imaqe of Alex Legroulx Birth: 5 Dec 1888 Apple Hill, Ontario
Marriage: 12 Jan 1909 Cornwall, Ontario
Death: 14 Nov 1941 Ottawa, Ontario
Burial: St Columbans Cemetery Cornwall, Ontario
Father: Jerome Ludger Legroulx 1856-1918
Mother: Emma Philomene Quesnel 1859-1897

We know Alex was part of the Cornwall Citizen band probably before he got married. The band often played in Central Park and it may have been where Blanche first met Alex

On their marrage document Alex is listed as a bookkeeper. We know he could add four figure numbers with ease and worked for a property owner. Their wedding witness were both from New York state and as it turns out Julia Lozette was born in Moose Creek and probably a school mate.

The 1921 census shows the family living at Pitt and First Street with 5 kids. Tweenty years later with most of the kids gone, we find the Legroulx family living on 3rd Street. It is also interesting to note that Margurite, their 2nd child, is now married and with husband Ross, is staying with them during the war years.

Bill O'Shea had provided a text copy of the obituary

Alex P. Legroulx who died in hospital in Ottawa in his 53rd year. He was buried out of St. Columban's Church in Cornwall, Ontario. His brothers included William J. ( Los Angeles), Joseph ( Vankleek Hill) and sisters Mrs. William Perks, Mrs. Emma Lavery ( Longueil ), Mrs Alderic Levac ( Abitibi), Mrs Donna Guernier ( Green Valley) Mrs. Oscar Gareau ( Alexandria ) and Sister Mary Theresita ( Ursuline College, Chatham ). He was married to Blanch Corrigan and had children Alexis, Rodolphe, Marguerite, Kathleen, Evelyn, Muriel and Nora.

Adora Blanche Corrigan

Image of Blanche Corrigan Birth: 9 Jan 1889 Cornwall, Ontario
Marriage: 12 Jan 1909 Cornwall, Ontario
Death: 18 Apr 1970 Cornwall, Ontario
Burial: St Columbans Cemetery Cornwall, Ontario
Father: Robert Corrigan 1860 - 1928
Mother: Charlottie Maria Pillar 1860 - 1916

Blanche was the third daughter of Robert and Charlottie Corrigan of Cornwall. The family was Methodist so she had to convert to Roman Catholic before marrying Alex. It was only a few days later that they were married.

Money was in short supply and Blanche use her furrier and leather skills to augment the family income.


  1. Kathleen Florence Legroulx 1909-2000
  2. Grace Elsie Margurite Legroulx 1911-1983
  3. Gertrude Evelyn Legroulx 1913-1964
  4. Wynola Edith Legroulx 1916-1916
  5. Alexis Lloyd Legroulx 1917-1985
  6. Rodolphe Claton Legroulx 1919-1944
  7. Corrigan Legroulx 1921-1939
  8. Muriel Legroulx 1929-1998
  9. Nora Legroulx 1931-2010